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Tuesday Temptations

This Tuesday I am totally tempted by the Amber Lewis collection at Anthropologie. I have been watching Ambers style journey the over the last decade and watched her blossom into a designer with an earthy, tranquil and livable yet chic aesthetic. Her collaboration with Anthro definitely upholds those ideals and brings us a lovely selection of pieces perfect for any home.

Beautiful casual lines and simple elegance is present throughout the collection. Warm woods and uncomplicated joinery make for an effortless craftsman style quality.


Other details such as the stitching on the Leather Floor Lamp and the Garvey Counter Stool and Accent Chair offer a wonderful thread of continuity between the pieces that allow them to be used in the same or adjacent spaces.

The art in this collection is also really great. There's this wonderful earthiness that is carried out through the furniture pieces and reflected in the subject matter. The landscapes and serene scenery are a wonderful complement to the casual lines of the furniture. There is also a nature aspect to the other accent pieces in the collection. From the rugs and the small accessories the earthy essence is carried throughout through the tactile qualities and purposeful stitching and joinery. This "effortless elegance" tells a wonderful story.

Photos via Simple Pleasures with Amber Lewis for Anthropologie.

"Guided by the carefree character that defines contemporary West Coast interiors, our newest collection with the esteemed designer tells a story – her story, our story, and your story. As it unfolds, we consider what it means to love where you live – and to live effortlessly, elegantly, and meaningfully."


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